The End of the Republic of Ultamiya

Sometimes, words fail to convey the sense of unexpectedness that comes with a certain news story or announcement. But this evening, the final judgment has poured its contents over the districts, the skies of Ultima bow their heads, and the President…has announced the end of the Ultamian Republic.

President Salapa, after a bout of mulling about outside, came into the Government House in discussion with the Minister of Finance, his adviser, and the other Ultiman citizens about the decision to dissolve Ultamiya. Perhaps two years ago, it would never have been thought of, and yet, says the President, “Ultamiya started spiraling downward in fun after the breakout of the Pimpville War.”

Has this declaration been suppressed this long by the benefits of micronationalism? Or has it stayed interesting long enough for the Republic to last this long? In any case, the President states on his MicroWiki post, possibly his longest ever, that Ultamiya will cease to be exactly three years after its founding, March 27th, 2013, at 8:16 AM.

“It’s been a great run. I’ve met a lot of new people, gotten into some interesting circles, discussions, and conflicts, and Ultamiya has a long history. It’s about time this book came to a close,” he goes on to say.

What’s happening to everything? The President invites Shimate, Michrenia, and Gogania to continue on as their own independent, sovereign states. Fort Munhall will go back to the United States along with any districts that refuse to become independent. As for Treetania, that will be under Michrenia if it becomes independent.

Salapa has pledged to stay on MicroWiki and Skype, too, which means he’s not abandoning the friends he’s made there. His final statement in the post confirms that he’s going to remain, both in spirit and in reality:

“So, until next time we meet (tomorrow, maybe?), keep awesome, and carry on. Nations may fade, but micronationalism will never die.”

This is the end for Ultamiya, and also the end for Ultamiya News. There is much work to do both here and on MicroWiki, however, in the twelve days leading up to the dissolution. Until then, so long and farewell.

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4 Responses to The End of the Republic of Ultamiya

  1. James E Wilary says:

    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen – goodnight.

  2. Michael Salapa says:

    No y this is an outrage

  3. HMSE Mark Williams II says:

    I do not approve of this! How can you allow good Ultamiya to collapse into ruin?

    My friend, the Holy Empire of New Israel would like to invite you to reform Ultamiya–perhaps into an Empire this run–and join us! The Saxons under Mr. Anderson and the Freedomians under me have united, and a bold new Empire is being born!

  4. Well… To be perfectly honest I saw this coming for a while. The real end of it was probably with the deletion of the webs website. I quite enjoyed my time as a minister in Ultamiya. I know I am late on this, but I have been gone for some time. But Ultamiya will be remembered as what it was. It was a great micronation, one of the best I’ve seen. I’m sad to see it go, but it was mostly defunct. I hope that it will be remembered by others for years to come. I wish you all a good life whether you choose to join another micronation or not. I myself am done with micronations, since I will always just think of Ultamiya. It was a great time. Live long and prosper.
    Goodbye for the last time,
    William Wood, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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