Gainsborough Venture Failing? Ultamiya Fishery Returning?

Ultamian economic hopes were high in November 2012 with the opening of the Gainsborough Mine by the quintessential Ultamiya Mining Company. Using the entire front half of its plot, this mine was supposed to be the greatest boon to Ultamiya’s domestic prestige with its fantastic discoveries…

Until now. With March 2013 underway and the planting season fast coming, no one is sure how long the Gainsborough Mine will be available. Usually, the mining season would have been underway, but unusually cold temperatures have made any effort impossible thus far, with no signs of recovery coming.

“Next saturday is the first opportunity we will have to start mining,” says President Salapa, the CEO, “and even then, it will be brisk out there. Also, our schedule is partially occupied.”

It will take a miracle to pull off a generous profit from this mine.

But while the mine situation looks grim, Salapa also checked in to something that hasn’t been followed since May 2011: The RuneScape Grand Exchange. A little-known company called Ultamiya Fishery operated on Gielinor that spring, and was forced to shut down operations because of declining prices of both shark and lobster.

“We saw sharks drop to below 400 gold a piece,” says Salapa, “which was unheard of before then. They’re now back to the high 600’s, and lobsters aren’t completely out of the graph either.”

Could Ultamiya Fishery return to the fold as well? That will have to depend on Salapa’s will. For now, Ultamiya remains economically dormant, as it usually is this side of the calendar year.

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