Ultamiya Microball Returns

An extensive comic saga returns to the forefront after nearly a year of inactivity.

Having its roots in the Organization of Active Micronations’s old forum boards, Microball began with political jokes and poking fun at influential nations. When a topic about the old comics was posted in the MicroWiki Forum at the beginning of 2011, the idea quickly picked up steam within the community and became a sensation drawn by countless artistic micronationalists.

Ultamiya Microball produced its first comic on February 1st, 2011. Entitled “The Battle of Fort Munhall”, it portrayed a discussion between President Salapa and Grand Chancellor of Yabloko Aldrich Lucas that occurred earlier on the subject. The following comics, similarly, depicted various moments in Ultamian history, but later evolved out of that into random storylines. The last picture was conducted in March 2012 and depicts Ultamiya playing a round of Texas Hold’Em Poker with some other Microballs. (St. Charlie was the dealer.)

Now, President Salapa, the illustrator for Ultamiya Microball, wishes to return his creation back to the forefront.

The eighteenth Ultamiya Microball comic, entitled Ultamiya Microball 7, has only two panels but uses shading, something not done with an entry before. The comic announces Ultamiya Microball’s return to the front lines by him wielding a medieval halberd.

View the comic here.

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