Gogania Accepted as Fifth District

Today, an unexpected fifth territory has entered into the Ultamian fold.

The District of Gogania is a classroom in the Steel Valley High School, which services the President, that is run by Garry Goga, the newest Ultamian Viceroy. While very small indeed, Gogania is one of the most social and light-hearted rooms in the school. The President, who meets with Goga every six school days from 12:20 to 1:05 PM, was in serious discussion with the now-Viceroy in their last meeting about the concept of making the room a district. As agreed, the Territorial Application Form was signed this afternoon.

“This is a very important day for Ultamiya,” said Viceroy Goga.

Very little is set in stone for the district. Disagreements about who should be included in the Goganian citizenry, as well as the room’s area, are backing up the processing of information. Also, as stated by the Viceroy, a flag must be either drawn or printed for the room. These backups have caused the Ministry of the Republic of Ultamiya to delay the creation of the MicroWiki article on Gogania by a couple days.

“We need to be sure that Gogania remains stable and concrete first, before we go ahead with any definitive information,” says the Ministry.

For now, the President hopes that Gogania will be welcomed with open arms by the other districts.

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